Ballet is difficult, competitive

Madaline Turner, Sports Editor

   5,6,7,8…some people tend to overlook dance as a real competitive sport.

   However, with one night of practice, many realize the difficult skills that are necessary to be successful in the activity.

   For example, ballet is one of the most physically intense activities a person can participate in. It combines tricky technique and immense strength, stretching from the toes to the chin.

   Even a 30-minute barre workout can make a grown man sweat buckets.

   In fact, some football teams have required their athletes to sign up for these classes.

   Genres like hip-hop and jazz teach athletes how to coordinate their two left feet and stay on beat…and you thought running was hard!

   Not only do you have to keep up with the classes, but some even try out for the travel team.

   These dance competitions are some of the most stressful and ruthless events of them all.

   If you have seen the dance moms at Abby Lee’s Dance Company, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

   Although there is a lot to consider about this grueling sport, it still offers many fun activities and creates some of the best memories with your friends.