Staffer rates zodiac signs

Emmy Furman, Ad Manager

   Tier lists and astrology are two of my favorite things, so today I decided to combine them and rank all of the zodiac signs.

   In case anyone is unaware of the tier list ranks, here is the order from best to worst: S, A, B, C, D, E, F. Also, remember that I am a Gemini, so this is just my opinion.

   I will start with Aries, and continue to go in order. Aries is a fiery sign, but they tend to have a good sense of humor when they are not being angry. I will put them in B tier.

   Taurus are generally very chill. They typically get along with everyone as long as they are allowed to express their opinions, as they are very stubborn. Since they really do not cause much trouble, I will put them in A tier.

   Geminis are perfect so I will put them in S tier. I know this is biased but they are arguably the best sign besides the other air signs.

   Cancers are next, and I am so sorry if you are a cancer, but I am putting you in F tier. As an air sign, I do not typically like water signs. Some cancers are okay though.

   I am going to put Leos in A tier because they are a little bit too egotistical to belong in S, but they tend to be pretty fun to hangout with.

   Virgos are going to go into C tier. I would have put them in D, but I think my mom would be very offended. I find myself arguing the most with Virgos over other signs because they tend to want to be in charge.

   Libras easily go into the S tier. They are chaotic queens and I love them.

   Scorpios, for me, belong in the B tier. They tend to be very cool from my experience. The only reason why they are not higher is because they are still water signs and emotions just are not my forte.

   Sagittarius I will put in the S tier. Nothing beats a friendship between a gemini and a sag.

  Capricorn belongs in the E tier. I am allowed to say this because I am a Cap rising. The reason they are so low is they think they are better than everyone, so I have to destroy that ego.

   Aquarius gets S, but, if I could rank them higher, I would, especially if you are an Aquarius woman. *Chef’s kiss.*

   Pisces will go in C tier because they can be a hit or miss. They can either be super manipulative or chill. There is no in between.

  P.S. I hate water signs!