Lemurs are greatest animal to ever walk earth

Eric Pabon, Entertainment Editor

  You know that little primate that looks like a monkey, but isn’t a monkey? It has a long tail with big, bulging eyes that are full of life and energy.

   I’m talking about lemurs, which by far, are the most intricate and beautiful animals of all.

   First of all, lemurs are the best primate, most definitely. This is contrary to news editor Seth Jarvis’s belief that somehow chimpanzees are better than them.

   This statement is completely uncalled for and henceforth offensive. Chimps are thugs; they’re mean and ruthless. They beat members of their own community to death. You’d never see a lemur commit such an atrocity to its own kind.

   They spend their time bounding from tree to tree, eating leaves, fruit, insects, and maybe stealing a few bird’s eggs.

   The thing about groups of lemurs, which are called troops, is that they are led by a strong dominant female, which is contrary to other species.

   One of the cutest details of these mammals is that the babies, called pups, cling to their mothers for a few weeks, and then they follow their mom around like a little kid.

   I wish I were able to legally obtain a lemur, but they only live in Madagascar and Comoro islands, off the coast of Mozambique. So for now, I’ll just have to illegally smuggle one of those little guys across the world  in my coat pocket.

   These animals are so elegant and have so much personality that they only deserve to live in the wild. Putting them in a zoo is simply a crime.

   Even worse than forced prison for these creatures, they could face extinction within the next hundred years due to deforestation and hunting.

   According to World Animal Foundation, 16 percent of lemurs are critically endangered.

   We must preserve this precious primate. The only thing they do is make the world a better place.