Gargantuan creatures battle for control in epic blockbuster

Seth Jarvis, News Editor

by Seth Jarvis

   There is an amazing movie that will have come out by the time this paper is published. It is Godzilla vs. Kong. Now, I am writing this before I have seen Godzilla vs. Kong. However, I firmly believe that Kong is the one that will come out on top and win.

   Some people may say “Well, Godzilla is a massive lizard that can shoot lasers. How can an ape possibly beat him?” There are many ways. First off, Kong has incredible monkey powers. He has far more agility than Godzilla, making Kong difficult to be damaged. This will make it especially hard to hit him with his laser.

   On top of this, lizards are simply not as intelligent as our simian cousins. It would not take too much to outplay the monster. Thus, Kong has that advantage. Kong also as thumbs, something Godzilla can only dream of. He has the ability to grab and throw items at the lizard.

   So, Kong has a massive range advantage over him. The fight will see Kong work to outmaneuver Godzilla. The lizard will simply be unable to  hit Kong, and he’ll gradually be tired out. In the end, Kong set a trap for Godzilla and kill him. Godzilla is simply out-matched in this fight.

   Kong is simply an epic monkey. So, in the end, you should join the winning side and support Team Kong.