Fine arts classes play vital role in successful education

Madaline Turner, Sports Editor

As many students enroll in their classes for next year, they tend to skip over the arts choices.

   People believe that in order to get a head start to their education, they have to focus on the core ones.

   However, arts education can be crucial to a student’s success.

   When participating, kids develop problem-solving and motor skills necessary for the future.

   Colleges often look for well-rounded people who have been exposed to more creative methods of learning.

   Students who study music or paintings on paper can often have a more vivid understanding of the world than those who are confined to text and numbers.

   Many have said that by incorporating the abilities they have earned from this, they are able to perform better in their other classes as well.

   One of the key components an individual can improve on is their work ethic.

   The arts can teach students how to pay attention to details.

   They also learn what it is like to sign their name on their pieces and have pride in their work.

   When asked, many art students will tell you that they appreciate the brain breaks that their classes provide.

   Playing an instrument or sculpting pottery can allow kids to take a deep breath from a stressful school day.

   I, personally, have benefited from  this. For example, painting can help me focus and calm down when I worry about things like the math test I probably failed prior to this.

   Overall, the arts can help you become a better student and person all around.

   Luckily, BHS offers classes like these. Therefore, in the future, you might want to consider signing up for band, choir, art, or  woodshop.