CIA ran world news

Jacob Dugar, Editor

  Most people have heard about authoritarian governments that control the flow of information in their nations.

   Good thing America has never done anything like that, right? Operation Mockingbird was the campaign by the CIA to control what information was being published across the globe.

   Now, this may come as a shock, but this was yet another CIA created operation that took place during the Cold War.

   After World War II, the CIA began recruiting any person involved in the media, like journalists, editors, students, etc., to create and spread false information that was just propaganda.

   These people were paid handsomely to spread this fake news, too. They also paid third party groups that weren’t in their direct control to spread stories favoring the CIA’s side of events.

   During the Cold War, they also funded writers to create works demonizing the Soviets.

   Everything was going well for the operation until Nixon ruined everything with Watergate, and the public found out that he was actually fighting more aggressively in Vietnam, despite claiming that he was trying for peace.

   This caused the masses to question the CIA’s role in this propaganda, and the operation was revealed in 1975.

   This operation hasn’t been officially ended, either, as far as my research was able to find. I’m also just scratching the surface with this one:  like how in 1973 the CIA published the book called The Family Jewels, which goes over every altered/hidden piece of information and is over 700 pages long. I highly recommend looking into this, and everything else I’ve recently written about, for yourself.

   Just remember, a conspiracy, by definition, a secret plan by a group to do something unlawful or harmful. Just because the word’s connotation has been tainted by absurd ideas doesn’t mean that they never happen.