Girls get picked-on because of their ‘odd’ musical taste

Teagan Harris, sports editor

   Modern music is constantly changing and developing to the tastes of young and old alike.

   Although there’s always been artists who specifically target young girls, there has been an uprise in teen-oriented music. Is that really a bad thing, though?

   The topic of young girls’ music has always been at the butt of people’s jokes.

   These girls are often described as annoying or childish for enjoying the music that was made for them.

   The genre people hate on more than others is “girly pop.” Some artists held over their heads are Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry. Many young teens grew up listening to these singers, and they are a big part of their childhood.

   I, myself, went through phases of listening to these artists, but I also went through a phase of hating them.

   A lot of girls find themselves trying to be “unlike other girls.” To prove this, they hate on everything that’s been associated with girlhood.

   If girls do enjoy any other music outside the type we are expected to, we are often told to prove ourselves as real fans of the genre. Most people who do this don’t realize that it really should not matter if I can list every Tame Impala song ever.

   Why does this even happen, though?

   The reason is that people hate us for just being. I was ashamed of loving pop at a young age, so I don’t listen to it much anymore; this is true for so many adolescents.

   Is there a solution? Yes, there is: stop. We haven’t done anything to deserve this toxicity. Listening to Taylor Swift does not mean anything in terms of whether or not someone has worth as a woman. Shake it off.