Stay home, you idiots!

Mckinley Anderson, Editorials editor

   Let’s talk about the rules of quarantining. They are rapidly changing just to keep the numbers down.

   However, there are people at school that should not be here. If this continues, we will have to move back to online school.

   I have worn masks all year long, trying to protect myself and everyone else. Maybe, I will have a chance to play softball.

   I am going to be so mad if we have to go remote because people who still have the virus are here at school.

   I know that every topic these days is Covid-19 related, but this has really been bugging me.

   For example, students can come to school without ever having a negative test. I understand that they will continue to test positive for three months, but people can easily lie about having symptoms or not.

   They are putting more people at risk to keep Coffey County case numbers down. What is the point of taking one person off of the list if they are just going to add five more?

   It pushes my buttons. I know I am not the most important person, and other people have their reasons as to why they run things the way that they do.

   It just irritates me because there is a huge chance I will not be able to play softball, which is my favorite part of high school.