She’s stuck between ages

Emmy Furman, Ad Managers

Teenagers always receive the short end of the stick. Being stuck in between childhood and adulthood is not easy, and it seems as if we get the cons of both.

   Adults tend to treat teens like children who are not allowed to have opinions, yet when they act childish, they are old enough to know better.

   Torn between adult responsibilities and being treated like a kid, teens have never had it easy.

   High school students typically go to school for eight hours a day and then work at night. This amounts to a full 12-hour day.

   On top of this full day, we are required to help around the house and are told that we “do nothing.”

   The restrictions on what we can and cannot do are also problematic. We have curfews and bedtimes, and we are not allowed to check ourselves out of school, but we are currently planning our entire life.

   The point is, if someone is treated like a child, then he/she will act as such. When we are supposed to be learning responsibility, limits are only harming us.

   Picture this: you leave high school and are off to college. Previously, you were not allowed open lunch, or to check yourself out for an appointment. Now, your time management is poor since you have had no experiences with it.

   Many seniors are, in legal eyes, adults. So why are we still being treated like kids?

   Not only is adolescence hard, but right now, it is at its worst. With the pandemic, we will be going into the real world in what is one of the most turbulent times in history.

   All teens want these days is to be treated as an equal to their adult counterparts. So, adults, give your favorite teenagers some love and talk to them about taxes or mortgages.