Newsie chooses rainy weather over summer

Madaline Turner, sports editor

An unpopular opinion that has been crossing my mind is why people prefer sunny weather over a dark, rainy day.

   I, however, am not one of these people. I think that a good cloudy day has a positive impact on a person’s health: mentally and physically.   

   Many other people also feel that those dreary days help them de-stress and focus in on their goals.

   Studies have actually proven that this type of weather allows employees to get more work done in a shorter amount of time.

   For some people, sunny weather can be a burden.

   Many believe that the beautiful day gives them anxiety because they feel like they are not being productive and doing something outside.

   In addition to this, people also enjoy the pink noise during a rainstorm.

   For some, the brain can focus easier if there is pattering rain to block out the agonizing silence around them.

  I’m not saying that everyone is so introverted that he/she cannot handle chaotic noise and need something soothing to wash it out.

   However, I am that person.  In fact, I need the TV on to do homework.

   Another interesting benefit that goes along with this idea is that scientists have proven you tend to spend less money during poor weather.

   Overall, there are many reason why one should be thankful for rainy days. Plus, that post-rain smell is also calming.