Homeschool compared to Burlington schools

Abby Crutchfield, Editorials editor

   Have you ever wondered what it would be like to homeschool? Well, I was homeschooled up until my freshman year. So, I might be able to fill you in on how it was.

   First of all, the name “homeschooling” is a little misleading because I was rarely ever actually at my house. My mom took me and my brothers on a lot of field trips.  My personal favorite was “School Day at the K” which is a Royals game mixed with science experiments.

   Another really cool thing we did was go to the Topeka Zoo once a month. We got to learn about animals and then see them in person, so it was really fun.

   Another thing I loved about homeschooling was that I had a pretty flexible schedule. Since there were only four kids in my whole “school,” I always got my work done quickly.  There was never any waiting for the bell to ring or slowing down the teaching for other kids.

   One of the downfalls of being homeschooled was not being able to participate in the public schools’ sports and activities. We could still do rec ones, but most of those stop by high school. That’s one of the reasons my brothers and I decided to switch to public school.

   Even though we couldn’t do school activities, our schedules were still pretty full. My family would get with other similar families and basically do school together for a day. It was a good way for us to get a chance to present projects. This was helpful because giving a speech to your brother isn’t quite the same as giving one to an entire class.

   Another thing we did at these homeschool groups was we always had a science class. Over the years, some subjects we did were astronomy, chemistry, and anatomy. It was really fun because we always conducted interesting experiments.

   We also did history of art and music. The art portion was definitely my favorite of the two. What we did was similar to the Great Artists Program that they do at the elementary school. We would learn about the artist, and then do a project, using whatever style of art they were famous for.

   Another thing that was great about homeschooling was the fact that I got to pick what I learned about. When I was in elementary school, I was really into dance, so my mom got me a bunch of books about the history of ballet. It was awesome to be able to learn about things I was genuinely interested in.

   We used a lot of different curriculums, depending on what was best for each subject. Some were online, like my math class, but most were taught by my mom.

   Don’t get me wrong:  I like BHS.  I just wanted to share what homeschooling is really like…at least for us.