Senior recommends own movie preferences

Seth Jarvis, News Editor

All right, so I was originally going to write about a Second American Civil War. However, that topic depressed me too much, so instead I’m going to talk about movies that everyone should watch.

   So the first film that everyone must take a look at is Die Hard. Essentially, terrorists take over a building in LA, and it is up to ex-cop John Mcclain to stop the terrorists.

   This movie is action-packed and also quite funny. If you want an awesome, dumb movie to enjoy for the night, then this is one to check out.

   Another wonderful film to check out is Terminator 2. Basically, this movie is about a machine going back in time to kill the future leader of the human resistance, John Connor. It is up to another, less-advanced machine to save John Connor from destruction.

   This one, like Die Hard, is quite violent. However, I think it’s just a bit more heartfelt and serious than Die Hard. The relationship between  John and his machine develops into a father-son like thing. Watching this is the greatest part of the movie.

   This movie also has humor in it at the right moments. Overall, a good movie to watch.

   Jojo Rabbit is one of my favorites. This one is quite a bit different than the other two movies. Essentially, it is set during the final year of World War II in Germany. The main character, Jojo, is a member of the Hitler Youth. He has been completely brainwashed by the Nazis, and even has Hitler as his imaginary friend.

   However, his mom secretly hates the Nazis, and she has decided to hide a Jewish girl from the evil regime. Jojo discovers her, and the movie follows him as he comes to realize the evil of the Nazis.

   This movie is awesome. Watching Jojo change and develop through out is entertaining, and it tugs on your heartstrings. I think this film does a good job of portraying the Nazis and how they managed to lie to and condition so many people. This movie is also really funny, and you will die laughing for most of it. It is also incredibly sad, so be ready to cry.

   The final movie I recommend is Moonrise Kingdom. This movie is by Wes Anderson, and it’s quite odd. Basically, this movie follows Sam Shakusky, who is an orphan and a member of the Khaki Scouts of North America. Along with him is his girlfriend, Suzy Bishop, who is a daughter of two attorneys.

   These two characters feel excluded by their respective social groups, so they run off together. This movie follows their journey as they face a variety of challenges from nature and from their communities. I think this movie is an excellent coming-of-age story. It’s a great one to watch and then feel good afterwards.

  So, the next time you can’t think of a movie, maybe take a look at one of these great ones.