Newsies discuss their obsessions

Eric Pabon, Entertainment Editor

Some people have empty holes in their hearts that are required to be filled. So they fill them with odds and ends. The newsies are such people, and it has caused them to be hoarders.

   Mrs. Loucks is “that newspaper kid.” She used to fill her sorrow by collecting dixie cups. Yes, the little paper cups.

   Additionally, she can count to 10 in a number of different languages for an unknown reason.

  “I had a collection of oy Transformer boxes,” says Seth Jarvis. “I had to get rid of them, though, to make room for my Nerf guns.”

   Jacob Dugar used to accumulate athletic turtles and then race them.

   Speaking of animals, this entertainment editor loves lemurs. He collects all things that associate with the beloved little creature.

   Abby Crutchfield has had a harder time keeping her collectibles. “Yeah, I used to [accumulate] snow globes and rocks, but my brothers literally break everything.”

   Allison Schneider fills her void by collecting jars of buttons. She says she sorts them when she is feeling rather blue.

   Teagan Harris is the true hoarder of the staff. She says, “My friend gave me a small dried-up coconut when she came back from Mexico, and it’s been sitting in a box in my room since sixth grade.”

   Editorial editor Mckinley Anderson connects with her sentimental side by keeping all the letters she’s received from both her grandma and her great grandmother.

  “I collect nut crackers,” notes Brylee Huber. “I have 25 of them.”

  Emmy Furman loves stuffed animals; in fact, she has over 60 Webkins that are documented

  Everyone remembers that big thing in kindergarten: Silly Bandz? Madeline Turner had them all.

  Photographer Brylee Davis has a massive sticker collection of over 2000. Harley Alford, the other beloved photographer, collects stuffed sloths.

   Perhaps one day the newsies can learn to cope in a way that doesn’t involve materialistic hoarding.