Cheerleaders deserve respect in athletics

Teagan Harris, Sports Editor

Cheerleaders all around the world are constantly told that we are totally useless. No one stops to think how hard we really work.

   To start, football cheerleaders essentially scream outside for like two hours straight. That may not sound like anything special, but it’s a lot more difficult than it sounds.

   We also stunt more than any other cheer squad; learning how to fly and base requires hard work, focus, immense strength, and determination. There have been many occasions where girls have been seriously injured from stunting.

   For Homecoming, the cheer squad puts together a Homecoming dance, often in less than a month. It’s so much harder when you don’t have any previous dance experience.

   We hype the crowds up, bringing the energy of the game with our voices themselves.

   Next up is basketball cheerleaders. I myself am not a basketball cheerleader, but I love and respect them, and I know how hard they work.

   They hype up the band section and the student section, making the game all the more enjoyable. They also stunt quite a bit.

   Their incredible energy and positive attitudes help the team pave their way toward victories, whether the basketball players want to admit it or not.

   Finally, wrestling cheerleaders are the most “unneeded” group of them all. In past years, we were told by wrestlers that we were a totally unneccessary assett.

   In recent years, though, the cheerleader-manager relationship has improved drastically.

   However, anyone who has ever cheered knows how much heart and hard work we put into what we do.

   We not only do our jobs, but we are constantly helping the managers and wrestlers whenever we can.

   It makes us so happy when we’re told that we encourage the will power of wrestlers. Please appreciate us more.