What human traits are genetic?

Brylee Huber, Editor

   As I scrolled through endless pictures of fashion, jokes, and literature on the website Pinterest for hours, I began to ask myself a question: if I was never exposed to this content, how different would I be?

  This thought slowly developed into me wondering what humans are at their very core. What is a personality without things to be interested in?

   Even if a human somehow grows up completely alone in the woods,  he has the chance to decide things such as his favorite scenery, food, and sleeping positions.

   No matter what, humans, and most animals, will find themselves with preferences.

   Now comes the questions of what determines personality traits and what is a trait?

   The issue is that the term “trait” is defined differently by different people.

   Some biology focused people might consider the genetic idea of what it means. In fact, introversion and extroversion is said to be a common genetic trait.

   On a psychology basis, experts feel that traits are a combination of these genes and outside experiences.

   In my personal opinion, personality traits are simply a scale, similar to the talk that “cold” is simply a lack of heat.

   Everyone has the same scales and potential for traits. An ambitious person might be on one end of the same bar as a lazy person.  Both have the potential to act in the opposite way at certain moments, so they cannot completely lack the “trait.”

   This is similar to the extraversion versus introversion discussion. Most people would describe themselves as  a mix between the two, but they would lean in particular directions.

   My visualization for this uses the video game The Sims. In these games, you are limited to a few traits like “Geek” or “Messy.” This causes the characters to feel fake.

   The reason they feel fake is because, in the real world, everyone has the same “traits,” and therefore the potential to act in particular ways. It is simply where you fall on those scales that describe your individual personality.