Staffer experiences senioritis, but she is also going to miss high school

Mckinley Anderson, Editorial Editor

   I’m really tired of school. It’s probably just the fact that I’m a senior, and I have been here for what feels like forever.

   Most days I don’t want to be at school, but then, when I really think about leaving, I want to stay.

When you graduate, you aren’t necessarily a kid anymore.

   It makes me sad to think I’m leaving memories and friends. I am stuck in the middle of hating high school and loving it.

   I think if I  had as many classes this year as I had last year, I would be ready to leave. I probably wouldn’t even miss it at all, but this year is pretty easy.

   I am also not going to miss the high school drama or not having open lunch. I will miss my favorite teachers and my teacher-aide hours.

   I am pretty excited to take on the world and make my own decisions. Living by myself will have its ups and downs at times.

  I will definitely miss my family. It will stink not being able to see them whenever I want.

   Making new friends will be scary, but exciting. I will get to make new memories and explore new personalities.

   I will just have to push myself to go through each day.

   I guess even if I don’t want to grow up, it’s time to.