Burlington welcomes town’s newest Mexican restaurant

Madaline Turner, Sports Editor

   Recently, various students have complained or mentioned the lack of restaurants located in Burlington.

   Though the community still enjoys the local fan favorites like Dairy Queen, Sonic, and Subway, I find that people often get tired of eating at the same outlets, despite being delicious.

   Luckily, there has been news of a new business opening up in the former Diner’s Café.

   Cilantro’s, a Mexican restaurant in Lyndon, is expanding and moving to our town.

   Many people have already protested the idea of having a third Mexican restaurant, but I am glad we will be getting another place to try out some new menu combos.

   Cilantro’s will not only provide another option for dinner, but it will create job openings as well. This is a hint to you hardworking high schoolers in search of a job.

   Burlington residents are also looking forward to this opportunity because they will not have to drive all the way to Lyndon to enjoy their favorite dishes.

   The business posted that they hope to begin moving in during the next 30-60 days, and I cannot wait.

   Some families are still wondering why we have to have another restaurant with the same type of food.

   I, personally, am grateful our town is welcoming a new building. Plus, you can never have too many tacos or chips and queso.

   Overall, it is nice to see that our community is developing and offering more opportunities for businesses like Cilantro’s to take a hold of, and I highly encourage you to stop by on opening day