Positive events did happen in 2020

Abby Crutchfield, Editorial Editor

As anyone that isn’t living on Mars would know, 2020 was a pretty rough year. The stock market crashed, people rioted, and a pandemic started. Now that it’s January, I think its time we have a recap of some of the things in 2020 that weren’t so terrible.
Although most of 2020 was a bummer, there were a lot of people working their hardest to make each day better. For instance, actor John Krasinski started a YouTube show called “Some Good News” in which he shared positive stories from across the country. This helped brighten a lot of people’s otherwise gloomy days.
Aside from Krasinski’s YouTube channel, there were other things worth getting excited for in 2020. An example is binge-worthy TV shows. Remember in March when “Tiger King” came out on Netflix? Joe Exotic and Carol Baskins were all we talked about for a solid two weeks.
Another thing people were watching at the beginning of the year was football. Way back in February, the Chiefs won the Super Bowl for the first time since 1970. Plus, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira teamed up to give us an iconic half time performance.
Now, you don’t have to be J-Lo to dance these days. Thanks to TikTok, anyone has a chance to go viral for their dance moves. Over the course of the pandemic, millions of people cheered themselves–and others–up by learning fun dances on the app.
If you were looking for a way to entertain yourself besides TikTok, you probably found some over quarantine. Many people across the country went out of their comfort zones when it came to hobbies that ranged from baking to at home Olympics. Whatever it was, people still found exciting ways to keep themselves busy.
Amidst a global pandemic, it was sometimes impossible to see your friends. That is until Zoom was created. This app allows people to talk in big groups without actually being together in person!
As I’m sure you’re aware, this was an election year. One good thing that happened to come out of that (now I’m not about to start talking about the candidates and all that) was that there were more people to vote than in any other year before, which is great!
Now I know 2020 wasn’t the best year ever, but there were still some really great things to come out of it; you just had to look in the right places. I guess a lesson we can learn from the year is that even when it seems like the whole world is falling apart, there are still good things that happen.