Awards should not be given to people just for taking part in activities

Madaline Turner, Sports Editor

Should we hand out participation trophies? I believe that these awards give off the wrong idea.

   When little kids receive a gold medal for last place, what kind of lessons do you think they learn? I can win without even trying?!

   Incidences like these are exactly why today’s society is believed to be unmotivated and lazy. Not only do they affect our mentality, but they also lay a foundation for a poor work ethic, too.

   Now, I am not saying that we have to degrade everyone who does not place in the top three.

   They can still receive recognition or a pat on the back, but I do not think they deserve an award either.

   Many people say that trophies do not necessarily represent an accomplishment, but we keep them to remind us of our memories.

   I do not know about you, but I sure would not want to remember the time I got last place at my gymnastics meet. I got a medal even though I fell flat on my face: how embarrassing.

   Sometimes winners look back on their victory and feel less-deserving, too. If they medaled next to someone who put in no effort, or face-planted in my case, their success will feel diminished.

   So basically, by throwing out medals left and right, we are teaching children that everyone is a winner; people wonder why teenagers act so moody when they finally experience reality.

   Instead of accepting these awards, encourage others or find your own self-determination. This way, when you win, you know you truly earned it.