Zodiac signs are more than just superstitions

Emmy Furman, Ad Manager

Many people are skeptic about the topic of astrology. Zodiac signs may mean nothing to some people, but not to me.
There is truth in a horoscope, but surface level astrology does not give the study as a whole justice.
What many people do not know is that your zodiac sign is only scratching the surface of what astrology is all about. The most common sign is just your sun, but for every area in your life is a dedicated a sign connected to different astral beings.
For example, I am a Gemini sun with a Libra moon and Capricorn rising. These signs are considered my top three.
The sun sign (most common sign) represents who you are around other people or who you seem to be. It is the energy that you give off.
The moon sign represents who you truly are at your most raw state. It is the identity of your soul.
The rising represents the sign that was coming over the horizon when you were born and represents who you are socially. It explains how you deal with situations.
There are many more signs in what is called your birth or natal chart. These three are just the easiest to relate to.
To make a birth chart you can Google a birth chart creator and enter your birthday, time, and place. I recommend that any skeptics try this and see how closely you relate to your reading. You may be surprised.
There are many more aspects to astrology like conjunctions, sexuality, squares, trine, and oppositions. These represent the agreements and disagreements between your signs in different areas of your charts.
Astrology is an interesting subject that goes deeper than most people know. Remember to check your horoscope today. 🙂