Quit bashing on 2020 events

Brylee Huber, Editor in chief

As we all know, humans are selfish beings that rely on higher powers to make themselves feel better about their small problems. This, of course, causes more negative problems. Twenty-twenty, and the common idea that it is the worst year ever, is one example of this.
Let’s be honest; 2020 is not a good year. There are numerous issues that happened to happen in the last 10 months, but there are far greater issues arriving.
These issues are people’s views of the country’s problems. Most people, including TV ads that play for children, promote the “inside joke” that nothing has ever been as bad as 2020.
For most people, this is true. None of us have seen a year as terrible as this one, but constantly promoting a constant expectation for more pain will only bring more pain.
This isn’t manifesting bad energy, or any other “higher” or “religious” force. This is people expecting bad things to happen, and therefore getting what they ask for.
If a group of people spend days complaining about an upcoming event, they will show up with the expectation that it will go wrong.
For things such as speeches, dates, and tests, a negative mind-set is known to end poorly.
For many people, quarantine has not affected them specifically. Obviously, millions of people have been hurt during this time, but it seems like the people who scream the loudest complaints are the ones who have given up the least.
A good example of this is the infamous celebrity singing video. Actress Gal Gadot gathered a group of other stars and had them all talk about the tragedy of quarantine. However, a majority of them live in mansions with personal chefs and movie theaters.
People should be allowed to feel sad, but the more that we sit and wallow in self-pity, the more terrible situations that will come.