Humans can’t get cozy with AI

Jacob Dugar, Editor in chief

With rising tensions across the nation and my track record of causing catastrophic events to happen, here is why America needs another civilwar.
Well, kind of. It all depends on how the creators of said AI go about it, and whether or not a fully sentient one is created.
If a fully sentient AI is never created, then we don’t have much to worry about, as it won’t have any sense of self preservation to try and fight against us turning it off.
If one is created, though, then it gets more complicated. The scientists would have to teach it right from wrong like a child.
Even then, the AI may still not recognize the reasoning behind certain things we do, like keeping criminals alive.
We’d also have to start with restricting its access to the internet for a time. If a sentient AI has unrestricted access to the web, then it would get corrupted so easily just because of all the horrors humanity has done.
I’ll also mention the fact that nobody knows just how easily it would be able to access things like, say, our nuclear weapons.
If it gets out of control and knows we’re about to shut it down, it’ll have a fight or flight response, just like we do.
However, an AI can’t run, but it can rapidly scour the internet and get through encryptions into classified intelligence like, I don’t know, nuclear launch codes for every country that possesses them.
This is all just speculation, though. I don’t truly know if we’ll ever be dumb enough to make an AI that is smarter than us like that, but scientists have recently put human DNA into a monkey fetus, resulting in the monkey having a much larger and similarly folded brain like ours.