Different flags have creative designs

Seth Jarvis, News Editor

There are many different countries in the world. These nations have chosen a wide variety of symbols to represent them.
One of my favorite flags is Canada’s. It’s red and white with a nice big maple leaf in the middle of it.
The simplicity of it plus its nice look makes it a solid flag. 10/10.
Another one of the best flags is the United Kingdom’s flag. It mixes together the banners of England, Scotland, and Northern Ireland to create a very pleasing symbol.
Everyone knows what this flag is and it’s very unique in the world. I give it a 9/10.
South Korea also has a very atheistically appealing symbol. The flag has black bars surrounding a red and blue circle on a white background.
The bars represent the government, the red and blue represent the people, and the white represents the land. I love this flag. 10/10.
I also love the flag of South Africa. The colors work well with each other and it has a very unique look to it. 8/10.
Of course, I feel obligated to mention the American flag. Once again, I find it to be a very different banner. It tells us the history of this nation and the states within it. 10/10.
The final country’s symbol that I would like to highlight is Brazil’s. The green background with the stars in the center blue circle look very good together. The motto of the country “Ordem e progresso” lies within the circle. I normally don’t like text on flags, but this time it works well. Overall, it’s a solid flag. 8/10.
I am very passionate about flags. It would take me at least an hour to go over all the ones I like.
You probably think I am like Sheldon Cooper..I am..
Get over it.