Students embody noodle personalities

Allison Schneider, News Editor

   Pasta is a food enjoyed by so many because there are so many options to choose from.

   Tubes, noodles,  and bow ties, you can’t go wrong! Many  people in Burlington High School happen to resemble the doughy masterpieces we call pasta.

   Senior Abby Sleezer is nice orecchiette. This interesting pasta may be overlooked, but that is a mistake!  This pasta is made with extreme care and takes plenty of time to master.

   This resembles Abby because of her work ethic to work and improve on her craft. At this point, she has mastered it and now can create photos that should be in art museums, much like the pasta itself.

   English teacher Holly Thomsen is lovely lasagna. Her ability to be amazing in herself and then even better working with others is admirable.

   She is comforting, much like the comfort food lasagna. You can go to her anytime you need a pick-me-up.

   Sophomore Abby Crutchfield is farfalle. Sophisticated, fun, and surprising are words I could use to describe both.

   Though you may just see this pasta as something fun you looked to as a child, that is a mistake, this is timeless and much too good to be overlooked.

   Senior Lily Rolf is the best bowl of elbow macaroni to ever exist. You may just think of macaroni as something for mac and cheese, but its uses are infinite!

   Lily is the same. She is a woman of many talents that most don’t get to appreciate or see.