Running challenges are super painful, yet extremely rewarding

Seth Jarvis, News Editor

Do you enjoy being in pain? Do you want to overcome seemingly impossible challenges? Do you seek adventure? If so, then running may be the sport for you.

   Now, getting started in this physical activity will probably be pretty difficult, especially if you weren’t that active to begin with. However, that is not a bad thing at all. Everyone needs to go at it at his/her own pace.

   Assuming you’ve never run before in your life, I suggest starting out small, maybe about a mile or so. Just try and get through that first mile. You may have to walk a bit, but that’s ok. Keep going. Eventually, you’ll be able to get through that mile without walking, and then you’ll be able to move on to two, then three, etc.

   While you’re doing this, I recommend investing in a good pair of shoes. You don’t need to get anything too expensive; just buy some that you know will not ruin your feet.

   Along with those, you should invest in some decent socks as well. Blisters are horrible, and wearing the wrong foot garments could prove disastrous.

   Finding a nice spot to go and run is one more thing you could do to spice up the experience. I personally enjoy going out to the Dam Site Park to run.

   One of the greatest benefits of this sport for me personally, is that it clears my head. When I feel like I am drowning as the world stands against me, I go and jog. This helps me reorient myself and to move forward.

   On top of this, it is incredibly rewarding. I feel great when I finish a race or complete a workout that I thought I couldn’t do. One does not need to be an Olympic level runner to have victories. All someone needs is a strong heart and powerful legs.

   Once you start, running can be a relatively easy habit to keep. Eventually, it becomes more or less intertwined with your daily life.

   It is a very excellent and satisfying activity. While it may not be for every person,  I do think everyone should at least try it out once.