Latino acculturation has important history, plus deep meaning to newsie

Eric Pabon, Entertainment Editor

  Hispanic culture is by far the most superior in regards to any other nationality of people. Our pride is rooted deep within our souls.

   First of all, we have the best food. I cannot even put into words how excited I get when I have arroz con gandules (Puerto Rican beans and rice) for the 10th day in the row.

   I can’t even describe to you how the Spanish music flows through our blood. As soon as “Preciosa” by Mark Anthony comes on, you better be prepared for me and my flash mob to walk out and start dancing.

   Next, our dialect is one of the coolest things about us. The way Spanish flows from our lips is poetry, not to mention, it’s easier than English.

   I must warn you of one tradition that most grandmothers partake in. If you mess up in front of her, you better believe that her flip-flop will come off her foot faster than you can think, and it’ll leave a shoe mark in the middle of your forehead.

   Aside from frightening disciplinary actions, those of Spanish decent have natural swag. You can see it in the way we speak, dress, and walk. Some may call it arrogance, but I call it confidence.

   Finally, at times, people ask me what’s wrong because of the look on my face. This is a common misinterpretation, as many of our faces rest in a frowning position.

   Along with frowning faces, many of us come off as quiet. This is once again a mistake as many of my family members voices’ seem to burst my eardrums at times.

   The Hispanic culture is one of the oldest cultures to date.

   It’s here to stay. I am ruidoso. I am altanero. I look fabulous in oro and rojo.