Juniors stop all fundraising

Madaline Turner, Sports Editor

   As you may have heard, the Class of 2022 had an eventful meeting in October.

   The juniors decided that each student will purchase his/her own graduation cap and gown instead of using the class funds as usual.

  The reason for this involved the recent cancellation of the Craft Fair.      

  This event is a huge money-maker, and without it, we would need to find another way to come up with the funds.

  Our choice came down to using the money we previously raised for graduation to pay for Prom, or brainstorm new fundraiser ideas.

The class debated the two ideas back and forth and listed the pros and cons of each in order to make their decision.

  If we had voted to use the class account to pay for graduation, then we would not have to pay the expensive cap and gown prices themselves.

  However, we would need to find a way to quickly earn enough money to cover our missing Prom funds.

On the other hand, if we voted against that idea then we would be done fundraising for the year and we could focus on Prom.

  The problem we have to deal with later on is how some students would be able to afford their own grad materials.

  Would we cover those who need aid? Or will they have to struggle with the finances all on their own?

   Personally, I feel that we should continue to fundraise, even if we vote to use our grads savings.

  Many other students noted that it was not that difficult, so we might as well keep doing it.

   Plus, we could use the leftover money for other activities later in the year.