Assigned doorways big hassle for BHS students

Emmy Furman, Ad Manager

   The corona virus has had many effects on the daily routine of BHS students. One of the changes we have seen this year is the traffic paths.

   Each class has been assigned a door that they must go through in the morning. This is a way to make taking temperatures and contact tracing easier for everyone.

   In addition to this, when students leave the building for any reason, they have to walk to the front of the building to get back in.

   However, this causes a problem when weather is nasty and temperatures drop.

   Students that have to walk in the activity entrance at the beginning of the day typically will want to park as close as possible to the doors. The issue here is that the activity doors are even farther away from the front than the band doors.

   Seniors and juniors who have to leave the building during the day have a rough trek to get back into the building.

   Athletes who forget items also may have a far walk to their car.

   Students who have to leave during the day have been asking the question, What is the reason for all of this?

   The band doors are protected by the camera lock system. This system allows the office to unlock the door for the person shown on the camera, and then direct him/her to get a temperature check in the office, if no one is posted there yet.

   If the office can see the student at the door, and can see him/her walk into the building, then why should it make a difference if they do the same process at the front of the school?

   I believe there are several ways of solving this problem.

   First of all, switch the doors that the classes walk in at the beginning of the day.

   If seniors and juniors (the students who have mentorships) enter through the band doors, then at least they would have a shorter walk.

   Or maybe don’t worry about which door certain grades come through.  There really weren’t any large crowd to start with; people tend to trickle in.

   Also, why is it not possible to allow students to only go through the front doors and band doors during the day? These are the only entrances with cameras. They should both be available.

   In these times, students and staff are all adjusting to new rules and norms. Change is necessary but too many added rules can stress students out.