Animals have different chatting capabilities

Abby Crutchfield, Editorial Editor

  Imagine if animals could talk.

   The world would be much better if we could have conversations with our furry friends. I think pets would be great to chat with whenever needed.

   Since they’re already man’s best friend, dogs would be great talkers. They would probably be like that one friend that always hypes you up in the comment section of your Instagram posts.

   Some animals, like fish, would be more introverted. I think they would be good listeners if you ever had a bad day and just needed to vent. I know my fish would keep a secret.

   Snakes, on the other hand, would gossip all the time. As soon as you told them something, they would turn around and tell their friendsss.

   I think if turtles could talk, they would be environmental rights activists. They would eradicate plastic straws and always make sure you were recycling.

One animal I know would be fun to have a conversation with is a toucan. I think they would be the life of the party and would always be cracking jokes.

   If you want a creature with sass, try talking to a kangaroo. They would always have a comeback, and I wouldn’t want to mess with them.

   If I ever wanted solid advice, I’d go to an elephant. Something about them just makes me think they would be really wise.

   Last on the list is a platypus. They would definitely have a weird sense of humor, but everyone would love their personality. I think they would also be full of random trivia knowledge, which would be fun.