Visionary sees future of humanity

Jacob Dugar, Editor

The main two factors separating us from animals are our ability of higher-level thinking and our ability to use tools, so why not expand upon both of these in order to further the human race?
Let me explain. Humans have the largest brain-to-body ratio among all of the other apes, and of them we have the largest neocortex, which allows us to be much smarter.
Thanks to this intelligence, I believe that the future of human evolution has two possibilities. Either we will begin genetically modifying ourselves to the point where we are no longer recognizable, or we will upgrade our bodies and brains with technology.
The first option doesn’t seem too far away. Scientists have discovered something called CRISPR, which is some bacterial genomes, and allows them to edit their genes.
If humans can master this, we can be modifying human embryos to any amount we want. We could use it to eliminate genetic defects, or we could begin letting the parents choose any traits, such as intelligence, that they want their child to have.
The second option is to upgrade our brains. Our brains have been around for about 200,000 years with little to no change. They were made to allow us to hunt animals, make fire and basic tools, and identify what berries were safe to eat.
They can’t seem to be keeping up with all that we are capable of today. After all, there has been a massive increase in mental health disorders in recent years, relative to those 200,000 ago, and this isn’t just from diagnosing more often.
So, what am I getting at? I believe that the other option for human evolution is through cybernetic augmentations, but I don’t think it’ll stop at just arms and legs.
I believe that we will add what is essentially a new part of the brain, basically a second neocortex, that is entirely mechanical, and will allow us to process at unimaginable speeds. This doesn’t even seem too far away, either, thanks to Elon Musk and his desire to add in brain implants into the populace.
These two futures are very, very different from the ones we have today. The humans of those days could be completely unrecognizable from us of today. However, I believe that, if it is done properly and safely, it can be nothing but beneficial, and allow the human race to survive long into the distant future.