Overly optimistic friends are toxic to relationships

Emmy Furman, Ad Manager

Everybody knows that one person who seems to never be sad. This person is known for being positive and happy all the time.
Sometimes, though, we really need to be sad. Our minds need to take their time to feel better again by themselves.
The newsies agreed that toxic positivity can be harsh on one’s body.
Staffer Brylee Huber dislikes the commonly-used phrase “Well look at it this way.” This sentence makes no sense when applying it to a bad situation.
Nobody should have to downplay a situation by looking at it from a different perspective. If something terrible happens, we, as humans, are allowed to be sad about it.
Staffer Jacob Dugar brought up the effects of bottling up emotions.
Repressing can cause complete breakdowns after too long holding it all in. Letting yourself have a good cry is good for your mental and physical health.
Physically, crying can help with maintaining clear skin and help with headaches. This is because it releases stress and is a natural coping mechanism.
Going through tough situations and letting yourself be sad about them can also give you perspective on later issues. Handling situations in healthy ways can make you a wiser person.
Remember to let yourself wallow in it for a while. Whether that situation involves death, a breakup, or a global pandemic, it is okay to be upset.
There is nothing wrong with being a positive person, but too much of anything is not always good.
Never forget, a cry a day keeps the therapist away.