Legendary creature is indeed real

Abby Crutchfield, Editorial Editor

Sasquatches are real, and I have plenty of evidence to prove it.
Most people think only crazy people believe in him, but really, it’s the opposite. Only a crazy person would deny his existence when there is so much information that proves he is real.
There have been over 47 sightings in Kansas alone. There are hundreds of these per year in America and thousands globally.
You may be wondering how no one has been able to catch a Sasquatch. Well, it’s because they’re much smarter than humans. They have invented their own camouflage technology.
They have created utopias around the world, and they use their high tech devices to disguise their habitats as ordinary forests, tundras, and mountains.
Sasquatches also have the ability to erase the memories of any humans that have happened to wander into their homes. That is why most people can’t pinpoint the exact location that they find one
Not only do they use their advanced technology to stay hidden, but also to communicate with alien life forms. These outsiders help them stay hidden from humans whenever they need it. In return, the Sasquatches distract the humans from the aliens by coming out of their habitats every once in a while.
With Bigfoot working with the aliens, it makes it really hard for people to find either of them. Some people dedicate their entire life to find them, yet they only come up with blurry videos or a mere glimpse of Bigfoot’s paw.
Of course, many people are skeptical of all this.
Stay on the lookout next time you go camping or hiking.
You never know; you may just stumble into a real Sasquatch’s home.