Are people using technology as their crutch?

Brylee Huber, Editor

Although we as humans rely on technology for our modern way of life, I fear the advancements coming in the near future will be too much to handle.
Many people already make jokes about how phones are an extension of ourselves, but how much is too much, and what really makes us human?
From the beginning of humanity, people have been discovering how to paint. Cavemen painted their history on walls of caves without knowing how helpful it would be for historians later on. They did it not for the future, but for their own enjoyment.
As we slowly get more advanced with space travel and AI, many people, including me, fear what could come. Instead of using this technology to combat pollution or to create better prosthetics, humans are looking for a way off of the planet.
To me, the harm we are doing as we create these space crafts, although fascinating, is too much for the earth to be worth the risks. We should be taking responsibility for our role in destroying our planet.
This doesn’t mean finding slightly better ways of building the same things. It means we should be willing to sacrifice things such as iPhones and most plastic materials.
Another working development is that humans could utilize technology as a means of becoming more intelligent, but this begs an even more philosophical question.
When we discover high-tech medical resources, the world cheers, as lives are saved. What we don’t consider is the natural way of life. If we continue on as we are, the path of living for hundreds of years is being paved every day.
It may sound beautiful, the idea of immortality, but with the increase of babies being born every year, we will more than likely face a drastic overpopulation issue. This, coupled with the dying planet, is why people are so desperate to find a new inhabitable planet.
My true opinion? Technology should be used to make lives better. It should be a way to make the Earth even more beautiful, but it shouldn’t have ever become our crutch in life. If we can’t live without our modern technology, are we even human?