Southerner lambasts Midwesterners for ignoring disasters elsewhere

Mckinley Anderson, Editorial Editor

   As most of you know, I am from Louisiana. It is home, and it is a very important place to me.

   Recently, there were two hurricanes that hit  back to back. I think people should understand how much damage actually resulted.

   It was a category four, and everyone is acting like it is not a big deal. There was not much said on the news after it, and nothing is really being done to help those in need.

   Luckily, my family did not lose their house, and I did not lose mine. Of course, there were a few minor damages, but nothing too serious.

   Most of my home parish will not have power for a month or longer, and not everyone has a generator. My mom is having to bring my grandparents a generator because there are none available anywhere.

   Now, I know you are probably thinking that nothing happened to my family or my house, so I should not be making a big deal out of it. Everyone where I live had an ungodly number of trees. It took all of the first day to get out of their driveway.

   My best friend had a huge tree in her front yard that fell on her house, and now they will have to fix the damage of their porch. One of my friends lived in a smaller house, and his whole roof fell in; what is he supposed to do now?

   My part of Louisiana didn’t even get the worse of it. What about the people that lost everything.

   I just wish that the rest of the U.S. would stop acting like they care when the subject is brought up, and then not do anything to help. There are tons of organizations you can donate to.

   Just open your eyes and see that there is more going on then just what happens in your personal world. You have to realize your life is pretty normal at the moment, and you get to go home and get food and watch TV with the only worry in the world being your test tomorrow.

   These people have lives and families they would like to get back to too.