Staffer describes isolation

Jacob Dugar, Editor-in-Cheif

   Greetings, loyal readers of the best newspaper around! It has certainly been a long time since our last visit. How have you all been?

   Me? Well, I had quite the first few weeks of school. I was among the lucky few to experience the first quarantine of the school year.

   So, the big question on your collective minds is most likely how is it, in case you have to experience it yourself. Well, in my opinion, it is both good and bad.

   The best part is definitely the fact that pants are optional. Not having to wear jeans or even shorts was a great joy to experience.

   As a matter of fact, I barely had to try with my appearance at all. The cameras on the laptops do not really pick up every speck of your appearance that’s bad, so all that’s necessary to not be mocked is a shirt and not a terrible background.

   I also really enjoy the way Teams is set up. It gives you notifications on if assignments are due soon or late, which is great for people like me who don’t keep a planner and refuse to change their self-destructive ways.

   One of the negatives that I have found about it is that it makes it harder for me to focus on doing my work, since I’m at my house. It just doesn’t feel like school is still going on.

   Another not positive is the lack of social interaction. Granted, I got lucky and had plenty of friends quarantined with me, but, had I not, I would have been significantly lonelier than I already am. I miss the talking face to face with my friends at lunch, and seeing my teachers in person.

   Some teachers are not enjoying this too much either. Transitioning to online just doesn’t work for some classes, which either means we as quarantined students don’t get the same amount of learning and knowledge as others, or we are forced to put in more effort than others.

   Overall, quarantine has been a mixed bag for myself. I enjoy the freedoms it grants, but the negatives don’t necessarily make them worth it. However, I do like the system we have in place, and if me being quarantined for two weeks means that one person doesn’t shut down the whole school, I’ll take it.