Newsie dreams of her older self, future decendants

Allie Schneider, News Editor

I think I’m meant to be an old grandma living in the woods.

   I never thought as a young child I would find such joy in the more traditionally feminine things in life, yet here I am. I love to sew, embroider, and cook a lot.

   Disclaimer. I am in no way planning on leading a traditional lifestyle. Just because I enjoy cooking does not mean I want to get up at 7:00 every morning to make sure my husband has breakfast in the morning and dinner when he gets home.   

   Nothing but respect to women who do that, it is just not the life for me.

   When I think about getting older, turning into the grandma I want to be to my grandchildren, what comes to mind? I want to be the one that they slightly consider some kind of witch. Maybe it’s because of my odd collection of candles, or maybe it’s the fairy garden I’d like to have.

   Whichever one leads them to the conclusion, I’m fine with that, but I just want there to be a slight mystery to me.

   Along with that, I’d love to show them the hobbies that I’ve fallen in love with now. One of my earliest memories is my great grandmother teaching my sister how to crochet.

   I was never able to learn because, by the time I was old enough she wasn’t in the greatest condition.

   I would love to teach someone from the younger generation how to do something that may not be as common when they are kids.

   I also can’t wait to cook them all sorts of foods that I have fallen in love with. I hope, by that time, I’ll have tried many more foods so that I can show them even more.

   I won’t just want to do those kinds of things, though, because I did mention I want to live in the woods. I would want to show them the wonders of nature and everything beautiful about it. I want to help them explore the woods, climb trees, and make bridges across rivers out of rocks.

   I can’t wait for my future of sitting in a cottage in the woods while my grandchildren run amuck outside.

   They’ll be exploring the wonders of the world.