Life of feline friend detailed by writer

Brylee Davis, Photographer

As many of you know, I absolutely love my cats… more than I love Crispito Day. Also, as many of you know, my cat is a brat. Here is a brutally honest rating of my cat throughout the day.

   6:04 A.M: She decided to sit outside my door and meow. She was hungry. Her food bowl was full. She’s also just an attention seeker. *10/10

   8:38 A.M: She felt the need to ram into my door until I let her in my room. Then she proceeded to walk all over my computer during a Teams meeting. Sorry, Mrs. Parker.

*3/10 because she hurt her little head

   9:22 A.M: She sat at my door until I let her out so she could go annoy the dogs, which made the dogs all bark, and then she meowed at the door to be let back in.

*4/10, I was napping

   10:00 A.M: She rolled on my bed until I gave her head boops. Once head boops had been given, she then clawed me. Brat.

*3/10 only because she’s cute

   10:29 A.M: She redecorated my room, starting by knocking everything off my nightstand.

*5/10, she really gave me some good tips on how my room should look

   12:00 P.M: She ate from her little cat food dish while we watched “Grey’s Anatomy” (spoiler alert: you will cry watching the new season).

*8/10 because she was the “bestest kitty ever”

   12:20 P.M: listened to my very robotic art class since the wifi was down. She ate a pencil. Why is my cat a literal crackhead?


   2:54 P.M: She helped me write a paper for American History. She was pretty helpful and surprisingly knew a lot about tobacco plants and agriculture. She finally wasn’t being a freeloader.


   If you haven’t realized yet, my cat is the epitome of laziness.

   With her three functional brain cells, she’s still pretty cute darn to me.