Issue #10: Senior shares best newspaper memories

Delani Nichols, Advertising Manager

Howdy, Partners! This is Delani (Dan) here sending good vibes your way and hoping your life is going grand.

It is currently some sad times: I am writing this editorial you’re reading and it has finally hit.. this is the last thing I will write for Cat Tracks. Two years of my high school career has been spent in newspaper and a lot has happened.

This class has formed many beautiful friendships with people I probably would not have grown close with outside of the Bat Cave. Each year, I was accompanied by a few trusty staff mates, those being A.J., Zaccity, Kam, Sethel, Emmerson, and Allie-gator. Of course, everyone is on the same page as to who my favorite is, but I love them all.

Both years I have sat next to Sethel, and it has been magical. I had gotten frustrated with almost everyone on newspaper at least once, but never Sethel.

He had something to him that constantly made me happy when I looked at him. He would share hilarious jokes with me and help me with any problem that occurred.

Emmerson and Sethel led our staff with grace and determination. They allowed the newspaper to blossom into what it is now, a meme-masterpiece filled with a perfect mixture of facts and laughs.

In addition to the top-tier work produced, many memories were created. I will never forget when Dakota assigned us all “Office” characters the first year and how we all fought to make sure we were best represented.

Then there were all of our birthday parties, where we sang the song of choice as loudly and off key as possible…which was a lot easier to do the second year without a class right outside our curtain. The first year consisted of many “apology plates of food” for Mr. Vander Linden to say sorry for disrupting his students.

For the future staffs, please never grow boring, and never…NEVER let martial law get you down. Also please don’t bully me when I come back to say hi.

The conversations and times had in the Bat Cave and golf closet will always hold a special place in my heart, as will the staffers…. and Loucksie’s dabs. I love you, newspaper, and I love you, yes you reading this editorial. Peace out, Girl Scouts. Stay groovy😉