Issue #10: Procrastination has pros, cons

Mckinley Anderson, Sports Editor

Procrastination is one of high schoolers biggest struggles today. Procrastination means waiting to the last minute to do something.

Some people do better under pressure, so if they wait to the last minute, it’s okay. Others just wait to the last minute to do it because they don’t want to do it in a timely manner and end up rushing to get it done.

One advantage of procrastination is that it forces us to focus. As teens we tend to check our phone or hang with friends. When you are so close to a deadline, you are so zoned in you forget about everything else.

Another good thing about not doing things in a timely manner is that it lowers your expectations. You rushed the assignment so you probably will not do as well, but probably will not be surprised.

One thing that some people do not even notice is that it gives you a boost of energy. You are not using energy waiting to complete the assignment, but when you realize how close it is to being due you get a rush of adrenaline. This is usually caused by fear or anxiety.

This can also be helpful because it makes you work faster. If you waited this long to do it, there is a pretty good chance that you do not like doing it. This is making more time in your life for the things you enjoy doing instead of wasting your time hating it.

Of course, there is always a disadvantage to every situation, one of those being exhaustion. It can cause sleep deprivation which can lead to physical and mental issues.

Another bad part about it is it can lower your self-esteem. You think the work that you completed in that time is the best you can do, so you never try any harder.

Waiting till the last minute can also damage relationships you have. The teacher will not trust you as much as they would if you completed it early and correctly.

Lastly, and to me this one is the worst one, you could have a career setback which could affect you in the long run. You procrastinate to create your presentation and documentation for a better job and it turns out badly. Someone else who managed his time wisely and made sure everything was perfect will probably steal your chance to shine.