Issue #10: Petty complaints surface during pandemic

Seth Jarvis, Editor-in-Chief

The crisis we are facing has truly changed the way we live our lives. Much has been lost in the past month since Covid-19 began to grip our nation. This brings me to my current concern.

I have seen a small divide arise between a few seniors and some underclassmen. It began when I noticed a few younger students putting forward their disappointment at the fact that they lost so much this year:  Prom, spring sports, the play, and other activities have all been canceled due to the outbreak. However, it is the response from some seniors that draws my concern.

I saw quite a few seniors chastising underclassmen for posting their feelings about the crisis. They felt that the underclassmen shouldn’t really complain, as those seniors believed that they had lost more than the underclassmen. This would’ve been their final quarter of their high school career.

I understand that everyone feels terrible about this situation. I think it is perfectly fine to vent one’s frustrations about the outbreak and all that disappeared. However, I think the fact that a few seniors went after underclassmen for complaining is wrong. This is not the time to be furthering the divide between people. Actually, the same logic they use to attack the underclassmen can be used against them.

At the time of me writing this, 58,233 people have been killed by the virus. In addition, around 26,000,000 Americans are now unemployed thanks to this crisis. Small businesses across the country are in deep trouble as they are now unable to make any money.  People’s lives all across the country have been sent a death spiral because of the virus. Some will never return to the normal that was before the virus.

Now, if all you lost in this time were a couple months of your year, does it really seem so bad? Do you think you have a right to complain? Using the same logic that some of the seniors used going after upperclassmen, then no, you do not.

To be honest, I think it is wrong to get angry at anyone for being frustrated and disappointed. It’s only natural to feel that way during this crisis. Things have taken the turn for the worse, and everyone can see that. We are all now united in fear and worry about our futures. We are also united in our disappointment for losing what we had.

It’s more important than ever to come together in this crisis. There’s no need to chastise those who put forward their problems. We need to be willing to hear each other out and understand each other. Standing tall together will make this whole thing go by a little bit easier, and everyone will come out better in the end.

I also believe it’s very important for us to be thankful for what we have. Like I said, there are people who have had it worse and have lost way more in this crisis. I think we need to be aware of that and understand that some of our problems really are non-issues in the end.

In the end, I think that everyone needs to see the forest for the trees in this crisis. These little debates between classes do not really matter in the grand scheme of things. There is no point in arguing over which group of people has suffered worse. Instead, everyone needs to come together and support each other. The great pandemic of 2020 should be a time where people come together and help each other instead of tearing each other down.