Issue #10: Music helps people through difficult time

Allie Schneider, Entertainment Editor

My friends, this school year is ending, and I have blessed upon you so many songs to add to your playlists.

So, I know once this all started, you have been absolutely dying for more of my divine recommendations. Never fear; you will now receive all the songs I believe will get you through this tough time.

Let’s start off with something for those lovebirds out there missing your other half. This song is called “Budapest” by George Ezra. I’m betting you’ve heard this one before, when it came out in 2013, but I feel like it’s been forgotten.

It’s a sweet song about all the things he’d give up for someone, including his house in Budapest, a golden grand piano, and a beautiful Castillo.

Next up is for those who want to try out some songs not in English. It’s called “Bim Bam Toi” by Carla. It’s super upbeat and preppy song that is very catchy.

Here is a song from one of my favorite bands: AJR. The song is called “Bang!” and gives me the biggest young supervillain vibes.  I highly recommend.

Do you need a tune for cruising through the backroads? Put on “Put Your Records On” and roll down your windows for the best time you could have.

For the final song of this year, I bless you with the song “Fight Another Day.” This one I heard from a game called Cytus and just really gets me feeling good.

Now as you may know, most of the songs I recommend and rate are from my fellow newsies. Each one of them have given me a good suggestion (besides Zach – I swear if you ever recommend me Kanye again). I appreciate every song but one newsie stands out from all.

I will be awarding this newsie the honor of “Best Music Taste on the 2020 Newspaper Staff” Award. It goes to the one and only Kameron Cole. She has given me 10/10 music, issue to issue, and deserves this award through and through. I hope you use this honor wisely, Kam!