Issue #10: History of Egypt is fascinating

Emmy Furman, Editor-in-Chief

School may not be in session right now, but I am here to give you guys another lesson.

It is history time, and today I will be teaching you the most interesting facts about Ancient Egypt that they do not tell you in school.

When I think of Egypt, I think of King Tut, so today we will be focusing on him and his reign.

King Tut first took the throne when he was two years old. His babbling and baby talk inspired millions. When it came down to his pharaoh-dential speech, he knew he had the votes in the bag.

He was born to be a ruler. His first words were “Bow down to me.” His parents knew he would take the throne from there on out.

Growing up, however, Tut went through a very moody teenage stage. He insisted that he should never have to walk again and should be carried.

He never did his homework. When he was supposed to be learning hieroglyphics in class, he instead was flirting with girls from neighboring civilizations.

Later he decided to settle down with his half-sister (this is actually true). They lived a very long and happy life together in the Pyramid of Giza.

In King Tut’s later years, he donated gold to the expansion and creation of tombs. He loved charity work.

He later died of old age, but having no kids, he did not pass the throne down to family. Tut was the end of his family’s reign.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this article is completely and 100% true. Thank you for tuning in to my history lesson.