Issue #10: Doctor M saves world

Brylee Huber, News Editor

Doc McStuffins was used to solving other people’s problems. She was a doctor after all. Yet nothing could have prepared her for the words that Gayle spoke.

Gayle had been her neighbor for a few months. The family of Gayle and their two kids seemed to get louder and larger by the second, so McStuffins was reluctant to put her helping hat back on.

Quickly, though, Doc knew there was nothing she could do to avoid this problem. The world was in chaos over a disease, and only she could help them.

Gayle and Lez insisted on joining Doc the day she planned on leaving for the White House, and McStuffins was too busy to refuse.

The trip was long and difficult as no buses were running, but the three made it to D.C. in a week’s time. Even the President himself, Dr. Seth Jarvis, could not refuse the help of his former colleague.

McStuffins tried to be quick about the cure, but Corona proved to be her most difficult situation yet. Meanwhile, President Jarvis refused to leave her alone. Any news close to a breakthrough sent him to the press to make sure the quarantine stayed in place. If she even attempted to allow Gayle and Lez into the lab, he got angry.

It wasn’t until the beginning of May that McStuffins began to see the differences President Jarvis was displaying. He was always feverish, similar in intensity to those she was treating, yet he himself had refused to be tested.

McStuffins voiced her concern to Gayle one night, and they decided that the only way to protect America from Corona was to be certain the President could be trusted.

With the help of Lez’s skills acquired from her former job as an international spy, they snuck into the Oval Office. There stood a creature that was similar to President Jarvis, but this thing was talking over an unknown device about other planets and diseases.

It was far above Doc’s pay grade, but she could make out one important fact. President Jarvis was an alien, and Covid-19 is not a virus at all. The disease had been created to steal the life force from humans.

Doc knew what she had to do.

As Gayle and Lez staged a distraction, McStuffins gave the fake President a dose of the Covid cure. He, along with any traces of the disease and all of the world’s bats, disappeared. The world was saved.