Issue #10: Being cooped up with family is both good, bad

Zach Garner, News Editor

We all know that bring stuck with your family can be hard, but at the same time this is probably the most you have been with them in a long time. So, what are some advantages and disadvantages?

The Garners are enjoying this time together, but you can tell we have been together for too long. We can get mad at each other over things like where we sit at dinner or during a movie.

However, we also really enjoy the chance to be together. We do game nights, have been able to see family on the weekends, and go on outings together.

We also make sure that we are keeping ourselves away from screens as much as possible, because, when we have been on them for too long, we get into some big issues.

For instance, the other day, we were painting our house and we got mad at each other for where the paint buckets were placed.

We got into a heated argument over things that do not matter and then we get mad at ourselves because we feel that we can do better or aren’t trying our best.

So, as we call this school year to a close, always know that your family loves you, but their being with you is just as bad as your being with them!

P.S. – I will miss this place and all of the memories I have had and made here. I thank the teachers and students for the amazing impact they have made on my life and my future. Love you all!