Issue #8: Senior discusses lost events

Zach Garner, News Editor

So, school as we know it may be over, and for most of us, we are sad because we have to give up that time with friends and those closest to us because of COVID-19, so let’s think about what we would have gotten to do if school were still the same.

Coming back from Spring Break for some meant seeing their friends again and enjoying the last seven weeks of school together, but that is no longer an option.

All seniors are missing out on their Senior Prom, their chance to walk through those halls for a day, to sit in on Mrs. Parker’s English class and have a good laugh, and also to enjoy the time with the underclassmen.

Also, the underclassmen were looking forward to saying goodbye to some seniors who were really important to them.

Plus, we can’t hang out with Mr. Clapper, Mrs. Haselhuhn, or Mr. Varvel for a just one class period, and go back to how high school was.

We have to remember that this is for the better of us as students and for our town and community. We already have many cases in Burlington and the number keeps increasing, so not having school was a good way of us risking others with the Coronavirus.

So we can look back on what we are missing and be sad, but we can be happy that we are safe and keeping others as safe as we can, while social distancing. So I hope you enjoy the time at home with family and have a great rest of the year!