Issue #8: Left-behind figure takes charge

Brylee Huber, News Editor

What many Burlingtonians may not know is that there is a beautiful family living in a cabinet in the golf-closet-turned-newspaper-HQ.

Before the events of March, Gayle, Lez, their two children, and their cat were happy. They had not yet gathered many personal belongings, only a few cat toys and a family portrait from their trip to the Bahamas, but they enjoyed their life. They used to love overhearing the arguments between Newsies staffers.

Now, though, their life has taken a turn. The staffers are gone. The janitors (who may have gotten incredibly confused when opening cabinets to clean them) were gone. The lights in the closet that told them that a new day had begun no longer lit up. For a while, they were stuck in their cabinet home with no one else but each other, but that quickly changed.

Gayle was getting restless, so she dared to venture out into the unusually dark world. She wandered out the giant’s gates and down several canyons of concrete until she reached the home of the Queen of the Newsies, located in room 122.

Inside were many more just like Gayle’s family. There was a giant rabbit, who had found the Queen’s secret mint M&M stash and become even rounder in the past few days.  Gayle then wandered past Caesar, pencils still stuck in his back from the great betrayal of the Queen herself, and many other friends Gayle believed to have long disappeared with the humans.

This world looked defeated. Everywhere Gayle turned, she saw the fear in the innocents’ eyes. So she decided then and there that, if the humans weren’t coming back, to protect these once-innocent creatures…a new Queen would have to be called.

Only one could ever come close to the Newsies leader, and Gayle happened to live next door, back in the golf closet. So she climbed onto the paper mache cat’s back and rode through the more concrete canyon trails once again. Gayle passed her own home and her family, and entered the home above hers.

Inside was a legend. A person whose name was barely mentioned even in the human world.

“We need your help,” Gayle said as this person walked out of the shadows, “Doc McStuffins.”