Woman shares turn-offs

AJ Lank, Editorial Editor

   PSA: (For Guys) Welcome back to yet again another issue of All About Girls with AJ. In today’s issue, I’m going to discuss non-sexual turn-ons and turn-offs for girls.

   To begin, one of the most common ideas that men get confused on is the difference between confidence and cockiness. We want a guy who can be comfortable in his own  skin and has confidence, yes, but when it goes too far and turns into arrogance, it becomes a major turn-off.

    We don’t want to sit there and listen to you brag about how amazing you are and how much better you are compared to others. We would much rather have you be confident but humble.

   Moving on: good hygiene. This is a big one. While in high school, not all guys take the time to make sure they are up to date on their hygiene. This is a MAJOR problem.

   We want someone who knows how to take care of himself. Now, I’m not saying we want pretty boys who go and manicure their nails or anything, but it’s good to know that you at least shower and keep things trimmed.

   Included in this is cologne. If a guy smells good, I can almost guarantee it will catch the attention of at least one girl. However, be careful how much you put on, because bathing in it could become an issue.

   Next, on the list is honesty. We want a guy who can be open and honest with us:  able to communicate about what they are feeling.

   Now, again as I said in last issue, we don’t want someone super emotional, but it’s nice to know that they can express how they feel. DO NOT LIE TO US! It’s that simple.

   Going hand in hand with this is loyalty. I say this because if you are unfaithful, you are more than likely lying to us about it. If you want to keep the girl that you’re with, you should never feel the need or want to cheat under ANY circumstance.

    If you are known to be a cheater, more than likely, no one else will trust you enough to be with you either.

   Next, SHOW US OFF!! We don’t want you to brag about us necessarily, but a big turn-on is when a guy feels comfortable enough to introduce us to his friends and family.

   Finally, the last thing I want to discuss is being lazy. This is also a turn-off for most girls. We want someone who is not only going to work hard in life, school, whatever,  but work hard to keep us.

   Having a good sense of responsibility and work ethic tells a lot about a person. We want someone willing to work hard to get what he wants and is not afraid to try.

   Well, that’s it for today’s issue of All About Girls with AJ. See you next time, and remember Happy Wife, Happy Life, still applies.