Staffer informs masses of interesting careers

Brylee Huber, News Editor

   Hey, what’s up, everyone? If you want a fun fact about me, I have been on six official college visits, and I have toured a grand total of 15. On my 16th birthday, instead of a party, I went on a visit to UChicago.

   After all of this, I have learned that jobs are boring and majors are soul-suckers. However, I have also found certain careers that are incredibly interesting and won’t make me have a mid-life career crisis like in every Hallmark movie ever made.

   The first degree is one I went on a tour of: Industrial Design. Every blender, Barbie Doll, basketball hoop, and backpack had to be made, and Industrial Designers are the ones who do that. These people, also considered product designers, work simply to create new things.

   When I was on my visit to KU’s studio (where students spend most of their time), they had to create either a flower pot, a lunch box, or a beach item, using only recycled plastic from the ocean. It was a project meant to show both environmental protection and creativity.

   The next degree/career was Ocean Archaeology. I found this one while scouting the website for adventurous jobs, and it really stood out.

   Unlike the hot desert feel of normal archaeology, this one requires the scientists to have skills in things such as scuba diving.

   If you’ve ever watched the movie Titanic, Ocean Archaeologists would be the ones in the beginning of the movie who were investigating the wreckage of the ship.

   Next on this list was  Private Island Caretaker. If you want to live alone in paradise and make six figures a year, this is the perfect job for you.

   All of those crazy rich billionaires who can take their private jets to their personal beach won’t lift a finger to maintain their estate, so they have to hire someone to do it.

   A Private Island Caretaker makes sure that air conditioning still works, the house is in perfect shape, and everything that needs to be kept up is kept up.

   If you’ve ever considered going into maintenance work, but wanted a larger salary and a private island, then consider being a Caretaker.

   Any of these careers have the chance of being far more enjoyable than a simple Biology degree.