Enthusiast provides weight loss methods

Mckinley Anderson, Sports Editor

   This is for all of my girls who are trying to lose some weight. Even if you do not need to,  it is still good if you try these tips.

   The first thing is you should drink hot water with lemon in it. The acid from the lemons will burn your stomach fat. Another option is blending parsley into the lemon water.

   Snacking is a big problem in most people’s diet so, instead of eating chips or chocolate, eat pineapple.

   One thing that people do not think about is how sleep can affect your weight. A healthy amount is eight hours. You don’t need any more or any less.

   If you decide to go on a diet, you can try to eat gluten-free one day a week. Gluten is worse for you than some people may think.

   Also the later you eat in the day, the more weight you gain. You should not be eating past 7:00 pm. If you could, stop eating by 5:00 pm.

   This tip is basic and most people already know about it:  you should drink a lot of water and stay away from any fizzy drinks.

   Also, I have trouble eating slowly when I am super hungry. I want to shove it all down, and I am usually miserable afterwards. The thing is, when you eat slowly, it gives your body time to digest which means you fill up faster.

   Another thing is you need to watch your portion sizes. The more you prepare or load onto your plate, the more you are tempted to eat it all.

   Lastly, I just wanted to throw out the fact that gum is not good for you at all. Thank you for listening to my little spiel. Teehee…