Woman gives tips for men

AJ Lank, Editorial Editor

PSA: (For Guys) Welcome back to another issue of All About Girls with AJ. In today’s issue, I’m going to be discussing the proper ways to act when it comes to the topic of dances.

   Guys, in girls’ minds, it is always the guy’s job to ask us to the dance, UNLESS there are certain circumstances that dictate otherwise.

   Now, don’t ask us why we think this because honestly I don’t think we even know why.

   With that out of the way, let’s get into the proper way to ask a girl to a dance.

   First, you MUST ask her father!! That is the most respectful thing you can do, and it will not only prove to her parents that you are a gentlemen, but it will prove to her that you care enough about her to do so.

   Next, we are not asking for a huge proposal or anything. Ever heard of KISS? If not, it stands for Keep It Simple Stupid!! While this may be an English method, it applies to this as well.

   Something simple and sweet that says you know us and you care is perfect.

   It could be as easy as a cute poster you made yourself , or a simple candy basket with some sweet treats to soothe our random food cravings.

   The next aspect of dances I would like to discuss is how to dress. Now we don’t expect you to show up looking like James Bond, but we don’t want you showing up in basketball shorts and a t-shirt you wore yesterday either.

   We want you to show up looking like you put some effort into how you looked. Like you actually care about going to the dance with us.

   However, depending on the type of dance your attire could vary. If it is casual a nice pair of jeans or khakis with a cute sweater or top would work perfectly! However, if it is formal, a suit would be the preferable choice.

   Finally, treat her with respect. It’s okay to be head banging and jumping around when an upbeat song is on, but as soon as it turns to a slow song, you best believe you better be gentle with her, or you just might lose your date.

   Remember to respect her boundaries and to make sure you don’t step on her toes.

   Well, that’s it today for All About Girls with AJ. Some final words: gentlemen, treat your girl right at dances and remember these simple tips and you’ll be good to go.

   Remember happy wife, happy life, still applies.